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The seed for The Lost Garden was planted from an all-consuming passion to bring affordable natural skincare to beauty lovers & lovers of the earth alike. It sprang to life from a conviction that if we use the most natural ingredients available to us from the earth to care for our bodies, we will inevitably come to care for the earth & it’s natural treasures in the same way, saving both from the toxicity & poisons that threaten all around us. Just as our food sources should come from the earth with as little processing as possible, so should our skincare. When we care for & tend the garden we call earth, we assure that what we put in & on our bodies helps us to flourish & bloom to our healthiest, most beautiful potential. 


I have worn a few titles in my life, from veterinary assistant, to research & development lab associate, to writer, biologist, & registered nurse. But no title gives me more satisfaction & happiness than that of organic skincare business founder & owner. Outside the doors of my creative space I can wander through this beautiful garden we call earth, where there are billions of natural gifts at my creative fingertips. My mission is to bring the gifts of nature to you, so that you can find the beauty within yourself & let your glowing health & radiance shine from the inside out. Are you ready to show the world your true, natural beauty?