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August 04, 2021 3 min read

I always was thankful as a young girl that the family curse of problem skin seemed to have skipped me entirely. I had good skin, no breakouts like some of my fellow classmates in junior high. But then, just as I was about to transition to high school, that all changed. I made up for lost time as my cystic acne tore through my once clear complexion and left me with scars I carry to this day. It stayed with me through high school and college, destroying my confidence & leaving me wondering if I was going to be one of those people that suffered from adult acne too.


I threw everything I could at my troubled skin: chemical peels, microdermabrasion, light treatments, harsh cleansers and scrubs, alcohol-based antibacterial medications, and even 5 years of antibiotics that eventually destroyed my already delicate digestive system. None of it worked. I was at the end of my rope. Then it occurred to me, maybe all these harsh treatments are actually making my skin worse. What a breakthrough! I threw away the medications & bought gentle cream cleansers, babied my skin with natural ingredients that soothed rather than inflamed my breakouts, & put time & effort into caring for my skin.

Guess what? It worked. At 30 years old, my skin started to turn around. The acne didn't disappear overnight. It didn't even disappear completely. But for the first time I could remember, I was able to look at my skin in the mirror & see me, not my acne.
I learned a tough lesson. I learned that conventional medicine is not always best. I learned that sometimes less is more. And most importantly I learned that natural skincare has the power to heal and nourish even the most troubled skin.
My acne is now a thing of the past. The little breakouts that remained eventually disappeared as my skin changed with age. I still have the scars that remind me of that time. But I am grateful for the insight I received that led me to discover the power of natural skincare.
What we've always called "Natural Skincare" has lately been taking on a new persona, "Clean Skincare." Simply put, "clean" means that it's made with non-toxic ingredients. It's made without any ingredients that are known to be irritating or harmful to our skin.
The trouble is that Clean Skincare isn't always 100% natural & can include so-called "safe synthetics," so make sure you do your research on any "Clean" brand you try out to make sure that they use natural ingredients that are cruelty-free. Also check out their philosophy & mission to make sure they run their business in a way that meets environmental, social, & economic sustainability standards that you can stand behind.

Just like me, you too can use the gentle formulations & nourishing ingredients found in today's clean/natural skincare to help your reflection truly mirror the beautiful person you are. Most of all I want to say don't lose hope if you are suffering like I once was! There are natural solutions out there & your skin is craving them!

So if you suffer from acne, sun damage, fine lines, or an uneven complexion, or any other skin woes clean/natural skincare can help support your skin & get you to your goals. The level of moisture & nourishment are so far beyond anything offered by conventional skincare made in a lab. Believe me, you will be grateful you made the switch, just like I was!
(Disclaimer: I do not claim that clean/natural skincare can treat or cure acne or any other skin issue. Non-medicated, natural skincare such as that found at The Lost Garden simply works to support and nourish your appearance on the outside and may improve the outward condition of your skin when used correctly & safely.)